Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lincoln unveils their new MKZ, it's not old fashioned

It's still the Auto Show time of year where the manufacturers show off all their newest creations. The New York Auto show will be opening up to the public soon. But the fruits of its labour have already started to show their faces.

Let's start things off with the new Lincoln MKZ. It's a mid-sized luxury car that I think will appeal to Lincoln's target demographic, Florida. The concern, however, is that with all the new technology that's being put into this thing they may not know how to work it.

All MKZs come with the much improved MyLincoln Touch. But buyers will also be able to get tech goodies like Lane Keep assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision warning, Blind Spot Information system, Lincoln Drive Control and Active park assist. All of these can be used only after you figure out how to turn the car on.

"I'll give a nickel to anyone who can find the start button."
The starter button is located up on the dash right by the air vent. And to make things even more confusing you control the transmission with the buttons underneath. Gone is the old fashioned gear stick; confused are the old fashioned people.

The paddle shifted six-speed automatic will be attached to three engines. A 2.0 Litre EcoBoost turbo engine with 240hp and a 3.7 Litre V6 with 300hp. Both are available in Front or All-Wheel Drive. A Hybrid will also be available.

One big new feature, and I do mean big, is the
Panoramic Roof. There's 15.2 square feet of glass that can slide back at the push of a button. Lincoln claims this is the biggest opening offered in a sedan. Who needs a convertible, or a Porsche Targa.

As for styling all I can say is that I like the rear end and the side profile. But I'm not a big fan of the front.

It's coming later this year. As for how much it'll cost, I have no idea. But it'll probably be a little more than the $36,000 price of the previous MKZ.

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