Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 2012 Vancouver International Auto Show

I have always loved the Vancouver International Auto Show. Because it gave a little one who couldn't drive like me a chance to sit in all the new cars and dream. This year it was under the new and expensive roof back at BC Place and there was quite a lot to dream about.

My favourite car at the Auto Show was the BMW 640i Gran Coupe. What I love about it is that it brings some menacing presence back to the styling of BMW. It's absolutely fabulous to look at; though I'm not entirely sold by the Matte Bronze paint job. Still because of it's beauty I've realized that for every ridiculous car BMW releases (BMW X6 M) they come out with something great.

The Chevrolet Stingray concept was another car that drew my attention. Concepts are really something neat to look at, but you can't sit in them. I did, however, sit in the Corvette ZR1 which was like every other Corvette in that it was low and had awful seats.

The ZL1 is a Consumer Digest Best Buy? Something seems wrong with that.
I went to the show with a friend and we decided to try the rear seats of some luxury cars. While the S-Class diesel was extremely comfy with it's rear seat package, The Hyundai Equus manages to take the cake. Now if only they could only make the interior look better.

Disappointments from the Auto Show were the constant electrocution from door handles and the Dodge Dart. It's a car that people around me keep talking about, and yet it looks like a modern Neon. It's so 90s.

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