Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 80s Car Ads: Subaru XT6

I want this to be a regular feature but I fear that it may become my only feature, Oh well. The 80s were a good time, full of fond and colourful memories, literally. So to honor the era I'm going to be picking out some of the best 80s car ads.

This is one is for the Subaru XT6

The XT is a hilarious car even without the ad. It came out with radically ridiculous 80s Aero styling, Four Wheel Drive, and an even more 80s Digital Dash. The first engine offered only had a piffling 97hp. This XT6 had a more respectable 145.

I'm not sure who man in the ad actually is. Is he a Father, house guest, or just some random guy? And then there's the way the car is driven. The driving puts rowdy teenagers trying to destroy a car to shame. I absolutely love the subtitle that says "Please don't drive the car this way." It's a far cry from today's "Professional driver on closed road."

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