Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Which Car to Vote for?

So it's 6 days till Canada's 41st Federal Election and it seems many can't figure out who they want to vote for. The NDP are coming out of nowhere and surpassing the Liberals in popularity in Quebec.

But even still this election has been filled with words like voter fatigue and apathy. It seems many people are struggling to figure out which party to vote for. So what I've decided to do is try to help those of an Automotive disposition to figure it out.

Each party I think has a perfect car that represents it.

NDP - GMC Savana Mobility Van

These vans aren't known for their good looks or amazing driving dynamics. But anyone and everyone will be able to get in one of these and go anywhere. It's gives accessibility a whole new meaning, and you even get to park in the Handicap space near the Mall Entrance.

But... they are more expensive than you'd think. This tricked out example is about $68,000. And if you just go for a conventional mini-van don't expect to pay less than $40,000.

The NDP want to provide care to everyone, but remember care costs.

Liberals - Porsche Panamera

The Liberals are a bit of a humdinger. It was suggested to me that Subaru would fit. Sure they can make fast cars, but the ones people can afford aren't very fast. And the most recent of Subarus are a little bit of a disappointment.

Then I thought BMW 7-Series. The perfect car for Ignatieff, but they are still popular. Perhaps a Jaguar, but I like them too much. Ah! It's the Panamera! And this isn't just any Panamera, it's the V6.

Yes it's fast, but not the fastest. And yes it's efficient but not the most efficient. And then there are the looks. Need I say more.

Conservatives - Lexus RX350

The RX is a very safe, comfortable, and reliable SUV, but it lacks soul and charisma. It's a car that in many ways doesn't smile. I think you know where this is going.

Bloc Québécois - Renault

They're French, not known for their quality and not available in Canada.

Greens - Bicycle.

Please understand that these are merely light suggestions. If you know a car that fits better, please comment below.

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