Friday, December 10, 2010

Join the Steering Wheel Club Free of Charge

Locking out Auto-Crime
Christmas is all about giving. And so ICBC and the Langley RCMP are joining the cause by giving to those less fortunate.

To cut down on Auto Theft, Langley drivers who own a car from model year 2001 and older are eligible for a free Steering Wheel Club. That puts me out of the list because my car is a 2002.

Why 2001 and older? Well the most stolen cars are the Honda Civic, Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, 2001 and older. Which is what pretty much everybody owns. And Langley RCMP say that cars without anti-theft devices are juicy targets for Thieves.

Anyway, should you be so lucky head down to your local Langley Police office to pick up your Lock. All you have to bring is your vehicle registration.

City of Langley: 100 - 20408 Douglas Cres.
Walnut Grove: #108 - 8850 Walnut Grove Dr.

Willowbrook: #140 - 20338 65Ave.
Aldergrove: 26970 Fraser Hwy.
Brookswook: #102 - 4059 200St.

Hey, it's free and it prevents your car from being stolen. So why not? Only problem, is putting it in every time you get out of your car.

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