Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jeep’s Annual Accessories Fashion Show 2018

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With a new Wrangler now populating showrooms Jeep unveiled a host of new modified concepts at the 53rd annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The nine-day-event is a way for Jeep owners to participate in challenging trail rides and for Jeep and Mopar to host a proverbial fashion show for all the available accessories one can install.

This year the companies focussed mainly on the new Wrangler with one Renegade added to the mix as well a very special classic. Here’s what they showed off:

Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip
The star of the show frankly. Take the vehicle that started the great SUV craze and bring it back to life. This green nostalgia party with its period interior is meant to conjure up memories of family road trips to far flung places like Moab, Utah.

Lovingly restored, the Wagoneer Roadtrip (I really like that name) has serious off-road upgrades (Dana 44 front and rear axles with lockers, four-link suspension with coilover springs) to broaden the types of roads it can trip on. I do wish there were more pictures

Jeep Jeepster
The colours and mods here are meant to evoke the old 1966 Jeep Jeepster. Remember two tone paint themes? Interestingly the windshield has been raked further back and the roof has been lowered by two inches, giving the Jeepster more aggressive proportions.

Jeep Sandstorm
With Darude’s legendary song playing anything is possible. And with a 6.4-litre V8 Mopar performance engine mated to a six-speed manual, this is as vehicularly close you’re going to get to the millennium dance hit. Inspired by Baja desert racers the Sandstorm has the requisite big tires and heavy duty suspension.

Jeep B-Ute
How C-ute! Take a funky Jeep Renegade, lift it 1.5 inches darken the trim and add luggage on the top and you have an adorable little adventure machine.

Jeep 4Speed
With bright colours and a much more rakish windshield, this Wrangler is built for speed. Much effort was done to reduce weight with an extensive use of carbon fibre. And yet, power comes from a 2 Litre Turbo 4-cylinder engine. I'm getting a definite early 90s beach vibe from this.

Nacho Jeep
If Doritos made an off road vehicle. As if the colour wasn't bright enough, LED lights have been added to the grille and base of the A-pillars. As well as rear off-road scouting lights which can communicate trail conditions to lesser skilled drivers at the back.

Jeep J-Wagon
This looks a lot like the type of Jeep you see modified on the road today. You know the type, perfectly clean despite being able to cross the most treacherous of environments. It has a snorkel. Need I say more?

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