Monday, April 2, 2012

Toyota Announces Pricing on its most Exciting Car

Car fanatical teenagers better start putting in more hours at work to save up for a car they'll undoubtedly be looking forward to. Why? Because the Scion has announced their FR-S is commanding a $25,990 price tag.

That's not bad considering that you'll be getting a Front-Engined, Rear-Wheel-Drive sports car designed purely for fun. Remember what I wrote about Boy Racers? They're going to love the 200hp Boxer-4 engine, the near 50:50 weight distribution and of course the fact that they'll be able to drift (hopefully without mishap).

Features that Scion owners will get include: 17 inch Alloy Wheels, Eight-Speaker Pioneer Stereo, Bluetooth Connectivity and all the Safety helping hands you can think of (I hope they have an off switch). And like any other Scion the options come from the Parts + Accessories department. If you're crazy you can order an automatic with paddle shifters and rev matching. But that'll bring the price up to $27,170.

As for the competition. Well, the better equipped but Front-Wheel-Drive Honda Civic Si costs the same. The bigger and more powerful Hyundai Genesis costs a little more. And if you want cheap you can get a Mustang V6, but there's something wrong with the words Mustang and V6 being put together.

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