Monday, March 12, 2012

MyFord Touch how different you look

Old: Notice how the buttons aren't centered in their squares?
The first time I used MyFord Touch it was in an Explorer. I wanted to change the Satellite Radio station, but, as I was trying to the system froze completely. So I couldn't do anything until I rebooted the computer.

The system was intended to help organize the increasing number of dashboard buttons. It seemed like a great idea. However, my story wasn't an isolated case. Its malfunctions were incredibly common.

New: This looks so much better
Which is why Ford has launched an update, and showcased it to the Auto students at BCIT. The changes are quite pronounced. I never thought MyFord Touch looked like it was finished. From a techy interface point of view it was awful. And from a techy responsive point of view it was rather slow (that is if it didn't crash). Now the buttons actually look like buttons, and when you touch them the screen changes quite slickly.

Here's the kit customers will get in the mail.
So finally MyFord Touch is now what it should have been a year ago. And if you have been suffering with the old version there are three ways of updating. You can download the update file on to a flash drive, you can also wait for the flash drive to be sent to you by mail and plug it in the car. Or the easiest way is to take it to the dealer and have them do it for you. They won't charge.

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