Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New decade to Make fun of... er... remember

I found myself literally tripping over the 90s the other day. And now it seems like I can't get away from the Decade that was my childhood.
It all started when I discovered the Blog "Things 90s Kids Realize." And then everything came from there. All New Years Night MuchMore music played only 90s Music Videos. It was fantastic.

But what about the cars of the 90s? Well I've compiled a list of the best Cars to come out in the 90s.
  • McLaren F1 - I don't need to say much about this car. Other than that it was and still is a technical masterpiece. Very few cars are faster than it.
  • Lambourghini Diablo - When I was a kid this was the fastest car you could buy. I know the McLaren is faster but with this it's the looks.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee - This was one of my favourite cars growing up. Sure it might have had something to do with the Automatic Climate Control, but it actually is a classic. Introduced just after Chrysler got a hold of Jeep the Grand Cherokee brought the company out of the mid 80s and into the present age.
  • Ford Explorer - This car will always get the blame for ruining North America's taste in cars. As a result of this 90s wonder everybody wants a high ride height and to feel safe behind the wheel of a big car, all willing to fork over the expense of horrible fuel economy.
  • Plymouth Prowler - Basically the only Modern Hot Rod ever. Except it wasn't hot, more Luke Warm. Under the hood was a rather domestic 3.5L V6 and it only came in an automatic. Still for cruising it was perfect.
  • 90s Minivans - I know that this isn't a car but to list them all would be rediculous. The 90s marked the rise and fall of the Minivan. As the decade started companies started to eat lots of Jelly Beans. The result? the Toyota Previa and Ford Windstar. But the folks at GM were still cleaning up after the Roger Reorganization of the 80s. The result? the Hoover Vans (Pontiac TranSport). Much innovation came through the decade to bring us the minivans we have today. Too bad that it also came at the expense of their stigma.
  • GM EV1 - this was the first commercially available and marketed Electric Car. It should have been revolutionary, a foreshadowing of our current time. Well... No, GM took back all the cars it had leased and destroyed them. It's taken about 15 years before Electric Cars try and make another comeback. GM so ahead, yet so far behind.
  • Mazda Miata - I'm told it's a fantastic car to drive, that Mazda got the concept of British open top Sports Roadster. Yet I can't drive one. It was the ultimate chick car of the 90s.
  • VW New Beetle - Near the end of the decade Volkswagen brought on the whole retro design trend. It was just as colourful as the start of the decade what with this and those fruity original iMacs. Daughters of Rich Dad's rejoiced everywhere because there was something new to replace those out of style Miatas.
  • Volvo 850 Wagon - You may think I'm completely insane for including this, and I am. The 850 Wagon was my favourite car as a child. This from a kid who'd rather look at the furniture at IKEA than be locked in the play centre underneath. To be entirely honest it was those full length tail-lights that won my heart.
The 90s was a nifty time, with its cartoons for kids, and Seinfeld for Adults.

Oh and please tell me what your favourite cars from the 90s were.

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