Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's my Civic duty to tell you this

The New Civic's Styling Direction
Honda has just released the styling direction for their most popular car. Basically, here is a little idea of what the new Civic is going to look like.

The Civic is Canada's best selling car, and for good reason. So Honda has to make sure they don't mess the next one up. Well, judging by the picture it looks a lot like the current model. In fact if you squint they look exactly the same.

This is just a drawing remember. Honda says it will be revealing some skin at the 2011 NAIAS, or Detroit Auto Show. And they plan on releasing the model in the Spring.

The Current model has quite the unique design that took many by surprise. It was a big risk on Honda's part, but I'd say it strengthened the Civic overall. Still I would have preferred the European version. I hope this new version doesn't look too much like the current one. It's a mistake Toyota made with the current Corolla design.

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