Thursday, February 2, 2012

the Super Bowl XLVI Car Ads

The Super Bowl is apparently on its way and all that really matters with the Super Bowl, are the ads. Companies spend millions of dollars to get hors d'oeuvres eating football fans to pay attention to their products. And, it looks like the car firms are the ones who are most aggressive. I've got 21 car ads below ready for the big game.

Among the big players are GM and Hyundai who have posted around 5 ads a piece. And Super Bowl ads aren't cheap.

Of course the most talked about ads are the ones that are a throw back to old times. Like the Ferris Bueller inspired Honda ad, the Star Wars VW ad, Vampire killing Audi ad and the Seinfeld Acura ad. They are all below so take a look and pick your favourite.

BTW us Canadians won't be seeing any of these ads. CTV paid a lot of money to air the Super Bowl and  as a result they will have their own ads replacing the American ones.

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