Friday, December 17, 2010

It makes me Furious, Fast

15 Year Olds everywhere Celebrate! Your favourite Car Action Movie franchise is at it again. The trailer for the latest Fast and the Furious movie has been released. Action, Violence, Flat er... Phat Plot lines, is all to be expected. The title? Fast Five, which sounds more like a speedy parody of the Famous Five.

It looks like it has quite the acclaimed cast too. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tyrese Gibson is back, and Ludacris all join the regulars. It'll be out on April 29, 2011.

Now I should say that I've always felt a bit of disdain toward this franchise. It really cut into the heart of this Car Nut. See, the first film almost 10 years ago changed the face of Car Culture.
Oh the Humanity!

After watching the film everybody had to have a Souped Up Japanese Whatever. Only problem was they didn't have the money. The Result? Streets full of 91 Honda Civics with bad Body Kits and no muffler. Things seem to be improving now, but there is still resentment inside me.

Yes the Civics are almost gone from the film, and in their place Dodge Chargers. But still this is the franchise that literally defies the laws of Physics. I watched Bullitt the other day. Sure it was long and drawn out, but the Car Chase just felt so real. And also it has a a sweet Mustang. Sweeter than any car in this trailer.

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